Jindo Hongju is a beautiful red color

About Us


Thank you for visiting Jindo Hongju’s farming corporation in the eyes and mind.

I am deeply grateful to all consumers who love farming corporations for generations with their unchanging faith.

As a result of constant efforts to meet the needs of consumers who want better products under the corporate philosophy of providing the best quality, best products and reasonable prices with the best pride in our generations, After Jindo Hongju Manhong, 20% mature Hongju was displayed.

The 1200 year old Jindo Hongju is recognized as a beautiful red color, a visual charm, a unique smell, a natural color changing, a deep flavor that is stored for a long period of time, and a softer and deeper flavor than domestic Korean traditional sake.

We promise to return to our customers with consistent quality control and reasonable price.

I sincerely wish for your unending development and happiness.

Thank you.

Daedaelo A farmer’s association lawyer CEO

Kim Ae-Ran

Our millennial tradition 名酒 !

Jindo Hongju is newly born. The combination of modern and up-to-date facilities combines the secrets of traditional tradition and preserves the flavor, color, and aroma of our products. With hygienic mass production, we are able to offer you more people.


288-23 by Jindo Intersection of Jindo County in Jeollanamdo


• Trademark registration: Patent Office No. 40-0698604
• Registered Geographical Indication No. 26 (Jan. 23, 2007 – National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service)
• Registered Geographical Indication Group Mark No. 2 (April 4, 2007 – Patent Office)
• Designated as Excellent Design (GD) (2007.06.07 – Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Korea Institute of Design Promotion)
• Awarded Korea’s leading brands (2007.06.21-DongA.com, Hankyung.com, iMBC)

Namdo-do Mirei is a certificate granted by the Governor of Jeollanam-do to quality assured products.