Witching is a precious island

Jindo Hongju

As time goes by, Jindo Hongju

A millennium of time has passed, but the taste, color, and fragrance of Jindo Hongju have been preserved and our nation’s pyeongju Jindo Hongju has been reborn as a modern facility!
Now I am proud of being a world-class drinker.

Jindo Hongju (Wecheoju) is a precious island is one of Jindo’s three boats (Jindoji, Kugija, Seaweed), 3 rocks (Jindo Hongju, folk songs, and calligraphy).

Jindo Hongju (Wichoju) is a name derived from its color and is one of our folk traditional rice distillation rice noodles.
It uses the root roots which are naturally grown in the wilderness in its manufacturing process (distillation) .

Hongju’s origin

In the Joseon Dynasty, Jindo province, which has been handed down from Goryeo to Jindo Island, the southernmost island of Korea, It is said that it is the best genuine commodity. At the time of Sejo, the wife of Cheoljong, the ruler of the Gyeongsang the Great, knew the secret of the redistribution of casting and he often made it in the house. Seongjong convened the meeting to eliminate the lubrication. However, Because he could not enter the village because he could not enter the village in Sajik school, an anecdote was told that he was able to get rid of the sadness because of the revenge of the aristocratic army.

Jindo Hongju Co-brand – Rubicon

Rubicon means “the red Hongju is like a mysterious creature” with the encounter of Ruby representing the color of Hongju and the unicorn, the mysterious creature, and the phrase “the dice were thrown” when crossing the river in the famous anecdote of Julius Caesar I left it. “Crossing the Rubicon is a lifetime winner” means that Jindo Hongju is making a dramatic shift from traditional to world-famous.

Brand summary

  • Brand Name : Jindo Hongju Rubicon
  • Development Year : 2005
  • Brand Meaning : A compound word for Ruby + Unicorn The encounter between Ruby, the color of Hongju, and the unicorn, mysterious creature, means “Red Hongju is like a mysterious creature”

Quality certification

Logistics quality certification products : Jindo Hongju uses Jindo-san rice and grass as raw materials and manufactures and sells Hongju, which meets standardized quality standards, with Jindo Hongju, which has superior quality through logistics quality certification system, geographical indication and collective mark system.

Hongju’s material

1. Shinto ritual Jindo rice
2. A sprout that grows wild in Sanya

Traditionally, it is always used as a raw material for the manufacture of red wine.

It is a perennial herbaceous plant. It is mainly harvested in the mountainous areas of Gangwon-do, Yeongwol, Jungsun, Jecheon, hungcheongbuk-do, Danyang, Gyeongbuk Andong, Yeongju, Bonghwa and Yecheon. As a one-sided medicine, it has a medicinal effect comparable to that of wild ginseng. It causes fever in the stool, cold stomach of the stomach, cold head of the stomach, diarrhea in the stomach and lack of digestion, lack of appetite, obesity, arteriosclerosis, , Bruises, whitening, dizziness, hypertension, etc., are more excellent than medicinal dyes.

Especially, drinking Jindo Hongju describes neuralgia, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation and food poisoning.

Honju’s Characteristic

The color of the wine is eluted from the grass, the red color is beautifully colored, and the visual charm is felt. At the same time, the sour taste and the fragrance have the unique fragrance of the conventional distilled liquor, and the red color of the wastepaper used in Hongju is MEMINS, MORIMOTO, KYOGOKU, HISAMICHI, TAUKADA , And it was found that it was expressed by the pigment of NAPHTO GUINOE derivative. The extract was used as an ointment such as wound, burn treatment, etc., and was excellent in antibacterial activity and also used as a dye. According to analysis of herbal medicine pharmacological action, It is known that it is very good for hypertension, neuralgia, heart disease, etc. It is also very good for the tincture when taking long – term.

Feel the charm of beautiful colors now. We have a wide range of products from 40 to 20 degrees.

288-23 by Jindo Intersection of Jindo County in Jeollanamdo


• Trademark registration: Patent Office No. 40-0698604
• Registered Geographical Indication No. 26 (Jan. 23, 2007 – National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service)
• Registered Geographical Indication Group Mark No. 2 (April 4, 2007 – Patent Office)
• Designated as Excellent Design (GD) (2007.06.07 – Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Korea Institute of Design Promotion)
• Awarded Korea’s leading brands (2007.06.21-DongA.com, Hankyung.com, iMBC)

Namdo-do Mirei is a certificate granted by the Governor of Jeollanam-do to quality assured products.