Jichou sake is a precious island in Jinchun

Jindo Hongju

Mysterious Drainer ‘Jichou’

Jichou is a perennial plant that grows in the grass of a mountainous area. White flowers bloom in May-June, and the roots are purple.

Jindo Hongju is one of the three prefectures of Jindo Island (Jindoji, Kugija, Seaweed), 3 Rocks (Jindo Hongju, Folk Songs, Seohwa).

Jindo Hongju (Wichoju) is a name derived from its color and is one of our folk traditional rice distillation rice noodles. It uses the root roots which are naturally grown in the wilderness in its manufacturing process (distillation) .

Jichou’s Introduce

· What is Jichou, Jindo Hongju material?
Over 10 years old wild grass has a medicinal effect comparable to wild ginseng. It is colored with a redish, beautiful red color, which not only gives a taste but also a visual charm. It is this wisdom that has a unique smell.

· Ingredients of Jichou
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant effects of chiconine, and antioxidant, anti-cavitation prevention effect, prevention of obesity and diabetes, cholesterol And it has been reported that it has various physiological activities such as reducing effect.

· Efficacy of Jichou
It has been called as the three major medicines along with the wild ginseng and the three leaves of Sanshi. It is said that it has excellent effect on the dryness, tongue, detoxification, fever,

Presently, Jindo County and the Graduate School of East and West Medicine at Kyunghee University have discovered the possibility of antidiabetic function and obesity inhibition in the wheat germ, a raw material of jindo extract, and proved its efficacy through preclinical and clinical studies.

It is our sake, which is comparable to the world famous pearl of Jinju Jindo Hongju of our nation.

Feel the charm of beautiful colors now. We have a wide range of products from 40 to 20 degrees.

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