Jichou sake is a precious island in Jinchun

How to drink

How to enjoy Jindo Hongju
Jindo Hongju cocktail is a method to make floats of alcohol float by using the difference of specific gravity that difference of alcohol degree or sugar content occurs by floating. In general, there is a way to drink the mixture of jindojuju juice and cider and to drink Jindojuju juice and beer.

 Undiluted solution

Jindo Hongju enthusiasts drink Jindo Hongju drink about 4/5 of Jindo Hongju in a way that they enjoy drinking deeply and deeply in order to feel deep redness.

 Undiluted & Ice

Put 3 ~ 4 pieces of ice in a regular glass cup and drink along Jindo Hongju. It is a way to drink Jindo Hongju smoothly and coolly.

 Undiluted & Beer (aka sunrise)

Drink about 3/4 of the beer in a glass of beer first, tilt the cup a little, and slowly drink 1/4 of Jindo Hongju. Then Jindo Hongju does not sink, and Jindo Hongju floats as if the red sun jumps from the sea after sunrise. So it is called “sunrise week”.

 The undiluted solution & cider (aka single heart note)

Follow Jindo Hongju with half a cider first, tilt the cup a little, then slowly follow Jindo Hongju 1/2. It is called “one-horse lord” by expressing the fact that the person who first met opens the door of the heart and becomes one.

Representative of Korea. A reincarnation of a millennial tradition. “Red Hongju is like a mysterious creature”

288-23 by Jindo Intersection of Jindo County in Jeollanamdo


• Trademark registration: Patent Office No. 40-0698604
• Registered Geographical Indication No. 26 (Jan. 23, 2007 – National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service)
• Registered Geographical Indication Group Mark No. 2 (April 4, 2007 – Patent Office)
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Namdo-do Mirei is a certificate granted by the Governor of Jeollanam-do to quality assured products.